Monday, October 1, 2012

It Came In Through A Window

I know it is late in the season in a lot of places, but here in Florida it still feels like Summer or should I say a lighter form of Summer because we are down to mid-eighty degree days. A break from the heat filled days means sleeping with the windows open and gentle breezes late into the night. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

Yesterday a butterfly flew in and settled on a chair. She did not seem inclinded to leave and try as I might, I could not help it find a way back out. It was then I figured as long as I had a visitor I might as well take a picture.

Looking at the enlarged picture later in the day I realized what a magnificant thing a butterfly is. Watching them flutter through the foliage you grow to think of their wings as very much like bird's feathers. But, on closer inspection I discovered each wing is composed of very fine tiny hairs.

And then I thought about adding another just to illustrate the point.

I don't know how long my visitor will be able to last because time after time she refuses my help and will not leave. So I guess you could say the "dye" is cast, but now you have a view of my visitor too!

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