Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Butterflies in October... Oh My !

I recently purchased a new camera and wanted to test it out. After giving it some thought, what better place to put it to the test than the Butterfly Museum! It had been awhile and driving to Gainesville should make for a grand adventure. As usual, click each photo for a better view.

I have featured the Butterfly Museum before so I will omit background detail and simply say that it is a great place to experience living in a rainforest and interact with some very beautiful creatures.

As soon as I walked into the rainforest I ran into this guy.

He flew away and then returned so I could capture a front view as well.

In addition to butterflies the museum is truly a living rainforest with all kinds of plants, and is loaded with these little birds. There seemed to be more of them since my last visit.

The new camera has a super zoom that really came in handy as I got a shot of these two beauties.

I realized that close-ups will be easier in the future because I was able to get up close and personal with this one.

I almost felt like I had won the lottery with this particular shot. It seemed that the butterflies almost knew they were on display and went out of their way to accommodate me.

In fact, a few people in the museum started calling me the butterfly whisperer because they started following me around. It was the strangest feeling as they sat on my blouse and I was almost afraid to move. A woman standing near by took this picture of my predicament.

I particularly liked this one because you are able to see the detail in the butterfly's body. One of the guides explained that the red coloring on some is an indication to predators that they are not a good meal. It seems they can eat a poisonous bug and convert the toxin into the coloring as a defense. Amazing!

This guy just flew into sight and sat there.

But this one is truly my favorite because the stem of the flower adds to the visual excitement of the butterfly enjoying a sip of nectar.

And a fitting close to the day was this guy who worked in the museum, and decided to get into the spirit of the event. Life is good!


  1. Your new camera takes beautiful pictures indeed ! It's obviously up to expectations since it perfectly suits and matches the keen eye of the photographer !
    Aren't butterflies gorgeous creatures ?
    Thanks Cherrie.

  2. JLBO,
    I actually bought the camera for HD video because I want to add more video to the blog. But, I am really pleased with the images I have been able to capture.

    The museum is also a wonderful place. Each time I go I always plan to visit the other parts of the facility but end up captivated by the Butterfly Museum.