Monday, September 5, 2011

Impressions at the Beach

Despite the heat, Summer is slowly winding down and a day at the beach becomes precious. The Labor Day holiday offered a chance to spend some leisurely time enjoying a quiet day of play in the still refreshing waters of the Atlantic.

What surprised me as I took pictures was the results I received near the end of an almost perfect day. As usual click each photo for a better view.

I never use filters so I am always amazed how light will play in a photo. I particularly liked this photo which is slightly out of focus, yet gives an almost Monet feel of broad outlines cast against an early evening sky.

Again the play of light. I moved a little and once again took another shot that is now more in focus with a blue cast. There is sharper focus but the figures still have the outline effect which somehow I find appealing.

There are always walkers on the beach and this bird is taking his (or her) evening stroll while looking for treats left on the beach by sunbathers.

And yet... this walker somehow seems very similar to the little bird as he and his dog have been caught in mid stride. I am fascinated by the way the man is looking up and off into the distance and the dog seems to be dragging him along, straining to get to some unseen something in the sand.

I like Vilano Beach because it is a somewhat undiscovered area that after 6pm is ruled by dogs. This miniature poodle, named Paris, caught my eye as she walked along the beach. What got my attention were her paws which appear like little high heels as she stepped lightly along the sand.

If you are a regular follower then you know I like taking pictures of the commonplace to illustrate how the things we see everyday possess a degree of uniqueness. I too took a walk down the beach and was struck by the patterns made in the sand as waves moved back and forth against the beach shore.

The patterns demonstrate a random beauty that when viewed in isolation can truly amaze you. This shot was taken a little before sunset and the patterns are a marvel for the eye. I never tire of viewing it as my eyes seem to roam the shot and wonder how the water flowed to create each line. If I had not told you what it is what you would have guessed?

Yes, we are in the heat of Summer but each day reinforces to me the preciousness of a day at the beach.

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  1. "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever." (Keats)