Monday, February 21, 2011

The Constant Gardner Returns

Well gang, despite some of the trials of last years garden the Constant Gardner is back. I really enjoyed being able to walk outside and pick vegetables fresh off the vine and that was the draw to return to back yard gardening. As usual click each photo for a better view.

This year I have decided to be less ambitious and limit the plants I will grow. I have settled on Cucumbers, squash (I’m trying a store hybrid variety and hope to have better luck this time), collards, tomatoes,watermelon, and finally spaghetti squash (another round from the seeds I had last year).

My niece gave me a great suggestion to soak the seeds before planting them to speed up the germinating process. I bought seedlings to get a head start on the process

but also have some plants that I am growing in small pots from seeds that will be worked into the store seedlings. The advantage of doing both is that I get a jump on the growing season and will be eating a crop in a little over a month.

So yesterday Sunny-Girl and I spent the day digging up and preparing the ground or should I say Sunny-Girl sat in the shade and watched me, periodically doing her bit by digging a hole to bury her chew bone in the freshly turned ground. In the space of a few days it has turned fairly warm here so I guess we are well past the point of frost because even the trees have begun to blossom.

As I did last year, I will provide periodic updates and need to alert you that Daddy already has his collard greens up and growing. I have learned to listen to some of the growing tips he let drop last year. I say that based on the very telling expression: Age and trickery will always win out over youth and hard work. I mention that because his garden lasted almost into our first hard frost, long after mine had been plowed over. This year I plan to trick the trickster!


  1. When I saw the title u know I was thinkin' u were writing about your father! lol... I remember in elementary school they would take the seeds and put them between wet paper towels to germinate them.. My own method is to put saran wrap over the top, that creates humidity and helps them sprout.
    Quality vs. quantity, eh? u got to post pix of your crop.

  2. Chrissy,
    Have no fear I will post pictures as the crop progresses. The seeds I planted have already started to really get thick in the starter pots. And, as I said in the post I learned a lot from last year so I expect a bumper crop this year!

  3. With the patience eveything is near. I think this sentence was told from Santa Teresa de Avila.

    You have patience and you will be succesful :-)

    I would like to visit your blog more ofthen, Cherrie, but my time is very short these days. I called you a few weeks ago through the messenger, but you was busy.

    A very big hug!