Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Almost Black and White Night

Alex and I realized we had been working much too hard of late and decided to take out the cameras and just have fun at one of our old haunts: the downtown landing. It may not have been a good time for people watching because there was a good deal of construction going on nearby, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves for some nightlight shots.

This is the time of year you love to be in Florida (ask me again in July and you might get a different answer) because it is November, there is not a hint of snow anywhere, you can still wear shorts, and Fall seems like a forgotten cousin you are happy to welcome. As always, click on each photo for a better view. The bridge above is a well known downtown landmark and I love this shot because there is something about the angle that makes the bridge kind of curve out at you.

This is well traveled territory for us as we visit here often. And, despite the fact we had taken some of the shots before, I decided to do something a little different and show things in black and white... well almost.

These lights caught my eye and the sense for the eye is very different from a color shot. Somehow there is a feeling of loneliness that is hard to explain.

I have taken shots of this sculpture before, but this time really focused on it's features and was surprised at the result.

I like the black and white appearance and also the way the street lights add perspective.

I found it really interesting how something I was used to seeing in color takes on new meaning in black and white. Here is a front view. The lack of color allows you to really "see" the texture designs in the piece.

And finally, this shot came by accident. The glare of the lights behind the piece gives the impression that it is actually moving! What do you think?


  1. Love the shot of the bridge. A friend in Stuart has taken a series of photos of a similar bridge in Florida... That sculpture is awesome, it has such an overwhelming feeling to u have any day shots of it?

  2. Chrissy,

    I have posted shots of this sculpture during the day on other posts and surprised myself that despite seeing it a number of times I really had not taken note of its uniqueness. I think dusk is probably the best time to view it because then the texture of the piece seems to "pop". Here is a link to one of the daytime views:

  3. Oh! You come back, at least!!! I'm so glad to see you again :-)

  4. Hi Ana,
    Thanks for all the warm words. Read my post on the other blog:

    and it should explain the absence. But I am glad to be back (have time now to return to the blog) and happy to "see" all the smiling faces.