Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Orlando without the Mouse: Boating at Wekiva Springs

And now for the final installment of the trip to Orlando and Wekiva Springs State Park. As usual click each photo for a better view.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the park provided canoes for you to paddle out and view the wilder sections of the park, and of course we could not resist trying our hand at canoeing.

We returned the next day full of excitement. We were ready to go on the water and see what adventures lay ahead for us.

Evidently paddling out into the park is a popular attraction,because we met people from several different countries who yelled to us what they had seen on their trip.

It really is an adventure because you get to see a portion of the park that you probably would not see taking the trails. I saw a huge turtle sitting on the bank but was unable to get a shot because we created so much noise moving the boat around he dived into the water and floated away.

There is swampy growth throughout the little river but certain sections are very clear and you can see the fish and turtles floating around below you.

Alex and I went out together and then took turns going out alone just to test ourselves in terms of using the boat and taking pictures. His eye is very different from mine and going alone allowed us individually to focus on what caught our interest. Here is Alex taking his turn.

And what would the adventure be without a video clip of a lighthearted event: Alex in a race with other boaters!

We have watched that clip a million times since the trip and laughed while we re-experienced the fun of the adventure. Nothing against the mouse but we had a great time and felt we really tested ourselves. I strongly encourage you if you are in the Orlando area and tired of the crowds, visit Wekiva Springs and go a little bit into the wild!

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