Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas in San Marco

Alex and I always welcome a chance to take the camera and head out to record the sights and sounds of a place. I don't look for the extraordinary but the ordinary which when seen in a different light becomes extraordinary. Clicking on each photo will give you an enlarged view so the full wonder of each scene can come through. Enjoy...

San Marco is always a fun place but right after the shops have put up their Christmas decorations it really becomes alive with lights and ornaments.

This little rotunda is small by Vatican standards but there is something quite beautiful in something small and yet inviting.

This public sculpture looks almost real... like three children running in the night trying to lift their kites.

This shot has nothing to do with the holidays but was simply a beautiful golden birdcage.

I love the European concept of Father Christmas and this was one of several we saw in the shops.

I'm always looking for different viewpoints and took this shot to give a sense of how a small child would see the ornaments under the lamp light.

Three "wise women" on the square playing music for the crowd. Their body language almost makes them seem like figurines and not real people in the nightscape.

The BEST of all the Father Christmas'. He seems jolly and should have tons of presents somewhere in the sleigh!

A great manger scene that actually as Alex put it "looks better in the picture than it did in real life."

And finally, the Christmas tree in repose inside the rotunda. There is something warm and welcoming about this scene.

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